1 Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing, (NKJ)

Scripture says “pray without ceasing”…but what is prayer. Prayer is simply talking to God. No really, that is it in a nutshell. We tend to make prayer more complicated than it is. We think we have to sit a certain way, hold our hands in a certain position, take off our hats, close our eyes, speak in flowery impressive words etc., etc. All that misses the point. God is not impressed by those things, what He wants more than anything is to have a relationship with us.

Today try to pray without ceasing. If you read this in the morning or mid-day then as you go about your day talk to God, out loud if you are alone, in your head if you are in a public or work environment. Just tell Him what is going on, what you are thinking. Share with God what you would like to see happen today, ask Him to help you accomplish your goals for the afternoon.If you are reading this at the end of the day then share with God what happened, just like you would tell your spouse or best friend. Ask Him to help you with the things that frustrated you and thank him for the victories you had throughout the day. As the old hymn says “What a friend we have in Jesus”, it’s time we started talking to him like a friend on a regular basis.