Matthew 6:9 ….Hallowed be Thy name. (NAS)

“Hallowed, we say this word all the time in the Lord’s Prayer, but most people have little to no idea what it means. Hallowed comes from the Greek word ἁγιάζω (hagiazo) which means to make holy, consecrate, sanctify. God’s name is holy, but did you know that God has many names? Each name denotes a specific aspect of God’s character.

In Jewish tradition the sacredness of the divine name or titles of God was recognized by the professional scribes who copied the scrolls of the Torah (OT writings). Before transcribing any of the divine titles or name of God the scribe would mentally prepare to “sanctify” them. Once he started writing he could not stop until the scroll was finished. If an error was made while copying the scroll it could not be erased. Instead a line was drawn around the error to show that it is canceled, and then the whole page was put in a special burial place and a new page begun. The names of God were considered “hallowed” by the scribes and treated as such.

There is “Elohim” which means God or authority. “Adonai” or master, “El” which means “Mighty One” or the one many of us know “El Shaddai” meaning Almighty. “Yahweh” which we see translated in the Old Testament as “The Lord”. “Yahweh Jireh”, the Lord Will Provide, “Yahweh Shalom”, the Lord is Peace, and many more.

What aspect of God’s character do specifically need in your life today? Is it healing? Maybe peace in a hard situation. Or God provision for needs in your life that you don’t see how they are going to be met.

Follow the outline of the Lord’s Prayer. Acknowledge God, praise Him for who he is, then call on that aspect of His character, His holy name that you need to set aside and focus on in your life today.