Amazing Christmas Eve Live Services

This years Christmas Eve Live Services were amazing with a record number of people attending two full services. We had plenty of cookies and, due to the warm weather, plenty of coffee and hot chocolate. Decisions were made and lives were changed through our two Christmas Eve services and Renegadewould like to thank our entire band, production team, greeters, hospitality team and everyone else who made our services possible.

-Pastor Bard Letsinger

Renegade on the Front Page of Victoria Advocate

Renegade Church hopes to create new Christmas tradition

Part of Renegade’s performance, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” included multiple mini-Christmas skits written by the pastors, live actors, video elements, music and worship, and a monologue performance of Letsinger’s “The Innkeeper’s Dream,” a dramatic performance of the divine birth told from the perspective of the innkeeper where Jesus was born. Read Full Story on


Here’s one of the light-hearted skits we aired during the Christmas Eve services.

What might have happened if Jesus’s birth took place in this modern age of reality television.