Fellowship of the Crossroads is hosting Financial Peace beginning Monday, September 24, 2018!

Financial Peace University

Never Worry About Money Again

Financial Peace University will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life.


To sign up for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) Class at Fellowship of the Crossroads you must first purchase your Membership/Kit which includes a lifetime membership to FPU and all the materials you will need for the class.

Click here to purchase your FPU Membership/Kit. 

After purchasing your FPU kit you will then be able to sign up for the FPU Class at Fellowship of the Crossroads that starts Monday, September 24 @ 6:30pm. Just follow the directions on the FPU website.

Within a few days of signing up you will be contacted by our FPU Coordinator who will be happy to answer any questions you have about the class.

Get ready to change your life and your future.