Denim & Diamonds Conference with guest speaker Carla McDougal

Deep in the Heart of Jesus

What does it mean to live a life sold out to Jesus? How can God see me as precious when my heart is not pure? In this conference, we will focus on how God sees each of His children through His son Jesus.

It is based on a “Western” or “Texas” theme with many fun ideas, skits, activities, in depth scripture  lessons, and more.


CARLA MCDOUGAL, founder of Reflective Life Ministries, has a true passion for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This love shines brightly

whether she is speaking or writing. It humbles her to realize His love, grace, and mercy go beyond her understanding. She truly believes laughter

is medicine from the Lord that breaks down walls and removes the masks in our lives. As a result, God has taken her around the world to encourage

others to live every day for Him.  Her latest book, My Prayer Chair, won multiple awards in 2013 and is now available in Spanish. Carla’s first book,

Reflecting Him: Living for Jesus and Loving It, was published in 2010. It is a 10-week study that encourages the reader to open her eyes to God’s daily life lessons.

The movie First Love had a red carpet premiere in September of 2013.  Viewers have highly recommended it, not just because of its message on marriage,

but for it’s business/work force perspective.  Carla and her husband, Fred, live in the Houston, TX area and have three  sons, one daughter,

and two “daughters-in-love.” She smiles to think of the experiences God has allowed in her life to teach and remind her “He is in control.”